Contracting with the Federal Government

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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Assignment 2: Contracting with the Federal Government.It is clear to the government that small-businesses do possess the hybrid attributes and qualities that would help in strengthening customer relationship. Therefore the hybrid contracts can bring many advantages to the small business owner if they have the ability to fulfill the needs of the government (Grossman, 2008).Seal bidding process is a way of contracting of government when the requirements mentioned by government are complete, accurate and clear. In the sealed bidding process the government is likely to choose businesses who bid the lowest. The government does not consider the size of the business while awarding contracts rather they just look at the proposal been made by the firm. There are equal chances of selection of small businesses as well as large firms in the sealed business process as long as the bidding offered by the firm is acceptable and profitable for the government (Beesley, 2012).The purchases made by the local navy base can be categorized into three type i.e. micro purchases, small purchases and large purchases. The purchases that are under $3000 are considered to be micro purchases and they are made by the navy through P-card. The naval buyer for the purpose of fulfilling its needs looks into the inventory provided by the government. It then moved towards the small business for carrying out micro-purchase. Thus the small business owners can profit from the micro-purchase made by the local naval base. Small businesses deliver faster than any large firm and the offering made by them is quite reasonable too, therefore the government looks forward to the small businesses to make micro-purchases for them.The naval base can be quite a beneficial customer for small businesses because it has the second largest location after the American Army. On the other hand there are several private and local agencies that help small business to get the contracts from government. If a small

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