Contradictions in australian economic co-operation

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 13 pages thesis on the topic contradictions in australian economic co-operation. Military rulers are not given to granting favors to democratically elected governments: China needs energy from Australia at least as much as this southern continent values the business value of this trade. Similarly, Chinese producers, with their great penchant for achieving rapid top-line growth, are under greater pressures to hold their shares of Australian demand for their goods, than the domestic compulsion to reign in inflation ‘down under’. Australia’s special relationship with the United States in this connection should also serve to protect ideological integrity. Many goods produced in China depend on American branding, and it is, therefore, premature to conclude that courtesy to a visiting spiritual leader would blow the lid off inflation in Australia! The politics of democracy is so fundamentally different from the tyranny of military dictatorship that economic relationships between countries and blocs which follow one or the other extremes of representation of their respective citizens that trade links should strictly adhere to the principles of professional business management. The industrial, commercial and financial fronts of Australia (Nolan, 1996), the United States, and other like-minded countries are of dimensions that Beijing can neither deny nor sacrifice at the alter of its maniacal annexation of Lhasa. The amazing and dominating growth of trade between Japan and Australia, to which Appendix 1 refers, has occurred specifically during an age when democracy has replaced an executive monarchy in that country. The autonomy which the Dalai Lama seeks within the embrace of the Chinese national union is an excellent model for many agrarian communities that is ruled by the Beijing of today. Just as the Balkanization of the erstwhile Soviet bloc has helped rather than hurt the economy of the United States, so the extension of freedom throughout the APBR makes excellent business sense for Australia. The Parliamentary rebuff&nbsp.of the Dalai Lama is an affront to the freedom-loving people of Australia, and represents poor business judgment at the same time!&nbsp.&nbsp.

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