Controversies surrounding pink slime

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words essay on Controversies Surrounding Pink Slime. The term pink slime was coined a biologist called Gerald Zirnstein in 2002 due to the use of ammonium hydroxide in processing of this product. Initially the term was only used publicly in reference to food packaged for dogs. However, the media outlets created a phobia throughout United States when they made a claim that almost all meat products comprised some amount of Pink Slime. Following this media disclosure, a good number of beef processing industries have been forced to shut their business due to the controversy. Individuals as well as institutions such as schools have raised several arguments over the quality and appropriateness of the pink slime consumption (Drahl Web).Currently, the phrase pink slime is used to define a different type of ground meat different from the habitual ground meat in that it was prepared from fatty crumbs, connective tissue and hides, which were remnants of beef carcasses after steaks and roasts, had been extracted. The issue of slime mould caused many questions among the American particularly on the role of government in protecting the quality and safety of their food (“A Fight About Beef: Why to Avoid ‘Pink Slime’” Web. Drahl Web). The American have a reason and the right to know the security of product that they consumer. However, the deliberations on slime meat have been stuffed with distortions and propaganda, which could be either true or fictitious.

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