Conundrum engulfing Persian Gulf

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Conundrum engulfing Persian Gulf.More leaders in the Gulf could take strict stances on issues such boundaries and religious issues, making the governance system be biased in some way3. The rise of conundrum in the Gulf could external influences such as the US coming in to install some more democratic systems and fighting those that offer a threat to its wellbeing4.The war between the Christians and the Islamic has been manifested to a great extent in the Middle East. The Jews, Christians and the Muslims have always disagreed to a great extent based on religious issues5. Islamic global terror has been significantly minimized since the death of Osama Bin Laden. However, the rise of radical Islamic terror groups such ISIS threatens the gains that have been made in the fight against terror6. Christianity, which is a more peaceful outfit, is threatened by the rise of the Islamic radicals. More persecutions of the Christians could be manifested due to the rise of Islamic global terror in the modern dispensation.Ian O. Lesser, Bruce R. Nardulli, and Lory A. Arghavan: Sources of Conflict in the Greater Middle East. 2014. Available at: &lt., Radwan, Leon Hadar, Mark N. Katz, and Steven Heydemann. 2012. “Crisis in Syria: What Are the U.S. Options?.”&nbsp.Middle East Policy, 19, no. 3: 1-24.&nbsp.International Security & Counter Terrorism Reference Center, EBSCOhost (accessed November 11,

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