Conventional wisdomof rewards and punishments

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

1. Contrast the Book of Job or Ecclesiastes with Proverbs or Amos in terms of conventional wisdomof rewards and punishments.2. How did developments in art, sports, and economics influence the rise of democracy in Athens?3. How does the epic poem The Aeneid support and challenge Rome’s understanding of itsmission?4. How did the Donation of Pepin and Donation of Constantine (though found out later to be aforgery) aid the growing power of the Pope?5. How did the Viking raids affect the political situation in Europe around the year 950 andexplain how the feudal system helped meet the challenge.6. What is a likely explanation of the change from Greco-Roman realism and naturalism tomedieval schematic art and what does it say about changes in society at the time.7. How did William the Duke of Normandy become King of England and what did this mean forthe future of English / French relations?8. Why is St. Augustine’s The City of God considered one of the most important books of the Ageof Late Antiquity?9. Discuss two similarities and two differences between Christianity and Islam as they developedin the early Middle Ages.10. Discuss two important events within England or France that contributed to the growth ofcentralized government

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