Core negative beliefs

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Core negative beliefs and the progress of a person towards a target “Your belief system gives you a framework that helps you interpret and understand the experiences you face in life. Core beliefs resonate through your whole life” (Nutting, 2008). Beliefs which develop during the childhood would last till the entire lifespan of a person irrespective of whether it is negative or positive.

For example, a child who develops fear out of some wild animals during childhood could have sustained it, during the entire lifespan. Belief in abilities during childhood could make a person capable of taking stiff challenges in his future life. “Instead what you and I learned for most of our life (so far) was simply how to “channel all our energy and resources towards dealing with these negative beliefs” (Nutting, 2008). Positive beliefs are less irritating compared to the negative beliefs.

For example, the feeling of being recognized by others is a positive belief whereas the feeling of negligence by others is a negative belief. The person who has such a negative feeling of negligence by others would never try to interfere in any social matters whereas the person who has the positive belief of being recognized by others would always undertake new challenges from the society.

For example, a political leader or social reformer would try to interfere in more political or social matters if he feels that others are recognizing him and hearing his opinions with interest. On the other hand, the person who developed a negative feeling would curse his destiny and will stay away from social or political matters.

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