Creating babies

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

POST 1: Choose a topic that relates to creating babies, caring for them (and Mom) prenatally and/or the birthing process. Here are some examples, but I am sure you can think of others: conception, genetic counseling, prenatal care (for Mom), birthing, hospitals, midwives, obstetricians, doulas, anesthesiology during birth, episiotomies, circumcisions…  I think you get the picture! The topic you choose may be that broad, or it may be more specific. If there is a topic you want to investigate, but you are unsure it qualifies, shoot me a message and I will let you know.Find a mainstream news article (not the National Enquirer or the Podunk Penny Saver, but maybe the Seattle Times or Psychology Today) about that topic. If you are unsure that the publication you picked qualifies, again, send me a message and I will let you know.

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