Creative individual

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Submit a 1750 words essay on the topic Creative individual.Throughout his career, Mozart is said to have composed over 600 pieces with many of them being symphonies, chambers and types of choral music. Mozart’s creativity brought him to light at a very young age, where at merely five years of age he was given the opportunity to perform before the European Royalty. Since a young age Mozart had a passion to grow up as a great musician and this is what led him to leave the position of a court musician in Salzburg. Most of his famous works are believed to be composed in Vienna, a little before his death (ABERT, H., SPENCER, S., & EISEN, 2007).Before shedding light on Mozart’s creativity in light of various definitions, creativity theories and academic literature it is highly essential that I put forward my view of the creative personality. Mozart’s creativity if brought to light from the fact that he was, and is most likely the only composer in history to have produced masterpieces in not one, but practically all genres of music. His work was widely spread across various genres and this alone sheds light on how creatively different he was able to think as a musician. It is said about him that Mozart did his first concerto at the young age of just four, while he went on with his first symphony at the age of seven. But Mozart did not stop there, and went to perform at this first Opera at the young age of just 12 years. Throughout the musical world, many have regarded Mozart as a child genius. Moreover, the various manuscripts written by Mozart have led people to believe that his works were often composed in just one go, as compared to completing the piece in various sittings (CAMPBELL, 2000).Before proceeding to discuss how, if Mozart was creative at all, it is essential we first understand the definition of creativity. The famous dictionary Merriam Webster defines creativity as the quality of being creative or the ability to create new and different things. Looking at Mozart in the light of this very

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