Crime Scene Investigators in Law Enforcement

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a thesis and an outline on Crime Scene Investigators in Law Enforcement. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Crime Scene Investigator The scene where the crime occurred is an imperative aspect in the entire process of investigation. The site contains the core evidence which enables law enforces piece together the evidence amassed from other locations. The evidence gathered from the scene may at times require processing. These investigators undertake various tasks which include classifying and analyzing the evidence. Therefore, the crime scene investigator may require an assortment of skills and knowledge to undertake their tasks. These investigators should have relevant qualifications in the scientific field such as forensics. The knowledge and skill impacted in such a programme will be vital for these investigators. CSI teams should be the first to arrive at the scene. This will ensure that the evidence gathered is apposite. Additionally, there may be people intentionally or unintentionally attempting to distort the scene to frustrate the investigations. These investigators should show urgency in their arrival at the crime scene. Some crimes entail interviewing the persons that were around the scene when incidence happened. Therefore, the investigator should have appropriate skills that will enable them gather the right information in relation to the crime. Additionally, there should have the capacity to discern the flawed and correct evidence. The investigators should consequently connect the events that occurred in a chronological manner. Crime scene investigators are an imperative constituent of the disciplined forces (Dutelle, 2011). Importance of a CSI team This team makes a crucial contribution in resolving crime since it amasses the initial evidence. The initial evidence forms the basis on which the investigator can follow up the case. It provides the investigator with vital hints on what avenue to pursue in order to resolve the crime. The initial evidence shows when and how the crime happened. Consequently, the team vested with the authority of gathering such evidence contributes considerably to resolution of the crime. With the massive advancements in technology, criminals are utilizing sophisticated methods that leave minimal traces. Consequently, it is vital that there is a CSI team which has the knack to retrieve evidence in sophisticated crimes. The ordinary law enforcer may lack the ability to see some minor details which would provide subsequent investigators with clues on what measures to undertake. The CSI team also processes evidence. The processing of evidence may include DNA analysis and matching of fingerprints. Such evidence is extremely vital in homicides and thefts. However, the effectiveness depends on the legal framework provided and the police force procedures. Some of these laws may create bureaucratic procedures that limit the efficacy of CSI teams. The evidence provided by these teams forms the basis of prosecution and enables lawmakers to charge an offender with charge based on the evidence available. CSI team arrives at the crime scene earlier on and assists other investigators in stitching together the events that occurred leading to the crime. Most CSI team acts as the custodian of the evidence amassed. Some CSI members specialize in photographic analysis which assists in facial recognition of criminal or victims. Owing to their understanding of the events which transpired, then members of CSI teams are present at court trials.

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