Criminal Liability And Use Of Force

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Write 5 pages with APA style on Criminal Liability And Use Of Force. When someone is arraigned in court on the event that they solicited another person, it has to be proven. At this point, corroboration comes in. In court, there always has to be evidence otherwise multitude of people will be held custody and others for no solid reason. Corroboration requirements apply on a crime of solicitation when the accused is guilty of commanding another person to commit a crime. Not only is corroborating evidence a requirement on its own, it needs one witness along with it. Corroborating evidence is so firm on its own that it only needs one witness. It can have recordings of audio and video acts or any other doing. Someone is found guilty even on planning a solicited crime even though the crime is not in progress. The crime of solicitation can be numerous in one plan considering whether they happened in different places, different ways, different times and different payments with different amounts. The accused would be facing several suits. It is found sensible that if one encourages another person to commit a specific crime, it is part of that crime too.Conspiracy is termed used as the agreement or merging of ideas between two people to commit a crime. A conspiracy is successful when there is a motive and is agreed upon, an intention to the motive and an overt act. An overt act could be something like buying of ammunitions and guns to be used in the certain crime. The overt act is a very transparent act that can be used as proof in front of a jury or during jurisdiction on a presentation of a crime.

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