Crisis Communication

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Crisis Communication. Needs to be 2 pages. According to (Collins,2012,pg.5)“Competent and considered communication can assist environmental health professionals in preventing ineffective messages, fear and escalation of crisis perception”. Here the author recalls about the role of environmental health professionals in mitigating disease and controlling the psychology of fear.The statistics provided by author like the population count of different counties is a very strong point in giving knowledge to readers about the magnitude of people affected. The article lays down the percentage of people affected by WNV and WNND which is a very strong point which projects the research quality of the article. The article also gives out the action taken by government like aerial spraying which is real credible information. The weak point is that there is more than needed statistical information in the introductory part of the article. Another less strong point was that the article has not mentioned about the medicinal services given to the virus affected people.In this article, crisis prevention is the point more projected as prevention of a disease is always better than cure. The failure of crisis prevention is that the government did not pass down any written information to the public in person regarding ways to avoid mosquito breeding. Another point is that government did not provide pesticides to the people in order to eradicate mosquito living in stagnant pools, ponds and lakes. The success of the crisis prevention method is that, government used media in a productive way to reach the people. In an effort to prevent the disease records of mosquito breeding areas were taken and also aerial spraying to kill mosquito was practiced. However the government could have installed hot line number where citizens could access information of the virus outbreak, which is a failure point.The

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