Critical analysis: How Hope Charity will operate

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 3 page essay on Provide a critical analysis of how the website (Hope Charity) will operate. You are required to demonstrate a critical awareness of how the global environment will inform professional practice, in this case.The fact that the organization attract supporter from the global market, it is indisputable that the global environment will impact the implementation of professional practice.The idea of Hope Charity to start an online website for fund raising is a wise decision. Face to face fundraising could entice people who are hesitant. However, some people complain of donation face-to-face fundraising. It causes many troubles such as nuisance and annoys passers-by (Fairbairn, 2013). Therefore, to some extent, charity website becomes more reliable. One important aspect of online charity programs is to create trust among the donors. It is not about a lack of trust between the charity website and the charitable contributors. But the contributors want to deal with charity website that is transparent and open to feel that the website is reliable and responsible (Farmer, 2008). Therefore, it could be useful if the charity website have a tool to encourage people to acquire the website their trust and attract a large number of donors. The government is a part of the global environment that has a great influence to the professional practice. The Charity Commission (2011, p. 21) states that online fundraising is subject to the compliance of private and electronic communication act of 2013. In this light, the professional must ensure that they comply with the various government regulations to succeed in online fundraising.For its success, the project depends on the global community and their contribution to the project. In this view, the website should be able to create a channel to communicate with the public. In web design, the communication aspect is used to create a linkage between the website administrators and the global world. Strength of this website design is its ability to link with the social media sites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube. Given that these social sites attract millions of

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