Critical information

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1.Which of the following pieces of critical information did Watson and Crick use to build and propose their model of the structure of DNA?          A.   %A always equals %T and %G always equals %C          B.   x-ray diffraction images that show DNA as a double helix          C.   an incorrect model that depicts DNA as a triple helix with the phosphate groups on the inside          D.   x-ray diffraction images that suggest DNA is hydrophilic and elongates upon exposure to water             All of the answers are correct.2.          Rosalind Franklin used x-ray diffraction to record how x-rays scatter when bounced off the surface of DNA molecules. Which of the following conclusions about the structure of DNA did her images support?            A. All of the answers are correct.             B.The DNA helix was likely made of two strands.            C. The DNA molecule was uniform in width.             D.The DNA molecule was hydrophilic and extends upon exposure to water.             The DNA molecule was likely helical.3.          Rosalind Franklin did not receive the credit she deserves for her contribution to the discovery of the structure of DNA because _____.           A.  None of the answers is correct.           B.  All of the answers are correct.             C.she died before the Nobel Prize was awarded to Watson, Crick, and Wilkins            D. her paper was perceived merely as supporting evidence for Watson and Crick’s model.             at the time, prevailing attitudes were negative toward women in science

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