Critical rhetorical analysis

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Critical Rhetorical Analysis. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Thus, the use of outsourcing has become more relevant in today’s business environment and industries in the international market.Outsourcing usually has numerous advantages to the companies that are outsourcing but this depends on the manner the particular company concerned goes about in the outsourcing. Through outsourcing, the company is able to benefit from reduced prices and better quality goods and services as well as increased selection of products on offer to the consumers. The challenges for outsourcing usually stem from the fact that the company has to meet the legal, business and cultural requirements of the new market that it outsources in. Even if a company manages to overcome the challenges of outsourcing, it may fail to overcome the risks involved such as the loyalty of the staff in the outsourced market as well as other hidden costs. There could be serious problems if the labor or members that work in the outsourced market are not chosen in an appropriate manner or that the initiative is not properly articulated to the members of the company.Kripalani argues that outsourcing of jobs has been met with skepticism in the United States majorly due to the fact that the government and industrialists alike believe that through outsourcing, the countries that outsource take away the job opportunities available to citizens. However, he argues that the United States government should look at the finer details and benefits that may be derived from outsourcing as when handled well, the nation stands to benefit just as the nation that it has outsourced jobs to (Kripalani, 64). His argument is supported by the fact that the ruling party in India has appreciated the economic importance of having a free trade area which allows outsourcing as a creator of employment opportunities for all.Through outsourcing in India, corporations headquartered in the United States stand to

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