Critique a photography show

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Critique a photography show.He was trying to put across excitement. Looking at the way the woman’s hands are spread out, one gets the feeling of balance and exactitude. The woman’s hands are positioned in a way to give her perfect balance as she tackles the wave. Looking at the wave that the woman in the image is riding, one could say that the roughness of the wave is intended to portray challenges and she appears to be taking the wave head on. One could further say that the image portrays one who is facing life’s challenges head-on while knowing full well how to go about it. they have achieved balance in their life.Looking at another image of a lady who is clasping her hands, closing her eyes and tilting her head to the sky as if in prayer, one gets a feeling of innocence. The artist was trying to convey synergy. This can be shown by the simple way the lady is clasping her hands, the simple way she has closed her eyes as she is not doing it forcefully, and the serene environment that seems to surround her. All these coupled with the warm radiant colours of her clothing serve to convey calmness. She seems to be tilting her head to the sky as if seeking something that she knows is there.Looking at another image, this one of a painted man’s face, one gets the feeling that the artist was trying to convey aggression. From the use dark colours to paint his face, and the pattern employed in the painting. diagonally across his face, one gets the feeling that the man is getting ready for combat. From his untidy hair, one gets the feeling that the artist was trying to convey hostility. This is also achieved from the dark colour of his t-shirt. The grey background also adds to the feeling of aggression.In all the three images, the artist has beautifully used colour and shape to put across different emotions that one instantly connects with on examination of the images. The first image seems to

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