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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Critque of vital, to prevent the escalation of the disorders, which is likely to cause more harm to the individuals themselves through self injury, as well as damaging actions to the wide society.The paper employs empirical research method of research. This is so because it applies an observation of the activities/operations taking place in various residential treatment facilities,in a comparison manner with the institution in question. The aim is to establish where it falls in this category of institution, based on its performance in residential treatment. The unit of analysis applied in this paper is the residential treatment program. The paper compares the success of different treatment programs. It also seeks to establish the relationship between the staff to patient ratio, and its impact on the performance of these institutions. The paper also tried to seek the relationship between the state licensing/certification of the staff, and the program performance. The aim was to know whether the certification affects performance, which was found to be unlikely.The type of data collected is nominal (Richard). This refers to that data that use names in establishing relationships. The paper is developed based on a set of treatment programs, compared per their performance. Ordinal data are also used in this paper. The treatment programs are ranked based on their percentage performance in patient treatment. Ratio data are also collected and used in this paper. There has been a computation of the staff to patient ratio. This is then applied to seek whether there is a relationship between this ratio and the program performance. The paper has applied various data collection tools. The rating scale is one of them, where the programs are rated in success percentage (Richard). Document review is also applied as a tool, since information regarding to staff and patient numbers are obtained from the programs’ documents. Institutional schedule is yet another tool employed. The paper

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