Crowd safety

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on crowd safety by design Paper must be at least 2500 words. This will make the people in the concert to be in good safety.There will also be the management structure which will provide all the details needed for the planning of the design. This will organize on how the three sides of the concerts will be designed and the front hall be organized.When everything is well analyzed and planned, implementation of the crowd and safety will be given the first priority. This is a stage that will be very critical and it will be well analyzed by the team which will be in control. Under the implementation, there will be numerous proposals that will be forwarded to the crowd and safety team of the concert giving them the chance for them to choose from the best plans.There will be an understanding between all the parties when creating a design model of the concert. The roles and responsibilities of all the members involved in the process will be well analyzed and noted. This will lead to the creation of the statement of intent (SOI). The crowd manager is not supposed to control everything in the project and he should not be responsible of every responsibility because there are other seat levels that are responsible. SOI will be responsible for allocating responsibilities to the right levels in the management of the crowd and safety creation. It will assign a leader the only required responsibilities and omit the unrequited ones. In the design of the crowd management, there will be specific references and legislation that will be required giving a systemic implementation that will be very legal.Functions will be drawn that will be very important in the design where there will a thorough control over the stages and each of them with contribute to the creation of strategic, tactical and operational design processes of the concert seats which will be successful in the design.

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