Cultural Analysis

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 4 page essay on the topic Cultural Analysis Paper.Mumbai in India. These movies are produced essentially in Hindi, the national Language of India.Movies are essentially a form of media that along with entertaining the audience are also cultural representation of a country. Cinema and national identity are always interlinked. A film reflects the social, cultural and economic aspects on national level. Techniques of filmmaking are based on the targeted audience based on their nationality and culture. Today Asian movies including the Indian cinema is making prominent place in the European and American markets. Bollywood is considered as the largest film production in the world. India is a diverse country rich with different religions, cultures and social class. Indian movies explore in explicit but benign manner the class divisions in the society. A popular 2001 film Lagaan which is based on a game of cricket played by some local villagers, oppressed by high taxes, against the British regime has also depicted class prejudice as a sub theme. When the central character, Bhuvan began to prepare the villagers for the match, he invited the untouchable Kachra to join much to the wrath of the other players.India being a culturally diverse country, cinema audience has always been segmented. While making movies, producers keep in mind the varied interests of different sections of the society and therefore Bollywood movies are known for their culturally rich themes. One most prominent division found in Bollywood movies is art and commercial (mainstream) cinema. However, in recent years the boundaries between the two have been blurred to a large extent. The common observation is that Bollywood movies with different genre of culture appeals to different sections of the society. While action based movies have more popularity among the lower classes, movies based on social class divisions appeal more to the upper classes. Likewise, movies with Islamic themes, for instance the 1992 hit

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