Cultural and Historical Studies

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Create a 8 page essay paper that discusses Cultural and Historical Studies.However, identity is a concept that is argumentative and compelling especially when associated with fashion. Usualy, fashion is utilised in the expression of self. By making use of certain appearances, persons are able to show who they are and what they aim to be. They are able to state that they would not like to be something else or like somebody else. Through these concepts, this paper aims at discussing the statement ““Fashion…provides individuals with a key means through which to manage their identities in the context of everyday life.” (Bennett, 2005, p. 98).Many a times, when people have wanted to express themselves, they have often gone after certain aspects of the visual. It is a common belief that through it, they will be able to show who they are or who they want to become. At the least, people are after attention, want to be seen and recognised when in a multitude of people. The building of an identity is very much inspired by the environment and culture that an individual identifies as his or her home.The environment and culture are both components of fashion. They are fashion components as they are used in the building of fashion. The norm has always been that the choice or selection that a person makes is an actualisation of who that person is and what he or she simply sees as the real deal. Thus through fashion, the individual is brought out and expressed to the outside world in silent choices, rather than through words. These silent choices are a compilation of the bits here and there that a person has picked up through sight and hearing. Bits obtained from other people, other cultures, and their culture. These bits have to be of the person’s liking, without which, the individual cannot take them up.However, people are faced by many dilemmas when it comes to making a selection of the style that is of one’s choice. The reason being that fashion is constituted by numerous styles and varieties. There are various

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