Cultural identity of China

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on how has the cultural identity of china responded to and adapted to contact with foreigners. Evidently, this goes to show that despite the achieved modernization of China in its economic, socio-political state of affairs, among others, it proved to the world that it has truly maintained its cultural identity. Maybe one inquisitive critic would like to know the factors how China kept its culture through all these years amidst the salient events that led to the great transformation of China from what it was before, having a weak economy, to what it has become today, a sprawling economic giant in East Asia and these are the issues which this paper intends to present. China’s achievements all these years may be traced from a number of significant events in its history that involved politics, culture and economic reforms that shaped China’s destiny and these can be viewed separately in four phases. First phase involved Ancient China. In its early beginnings, China started to be governed by feudalism and monarchy altering one dynasty after another. In fact, “it was the Han dynasty which was considered the East Asian counterpart of and contemporary of Rome’s golden age rule” (Cultural Essentials 2004). “Ruling China for more than 400 years was reasonable enough to expect that it left lasting legacies in China and to the world like the invention of the first ‘paper’ and the adoption of Confucianism.

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