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Cultural protectionism

Argumentative essay on Cultural Protectionism. Needs to be 11 pages. Conversely, other countries’ cultures are portrayed as backward, oppressive and at times, barbaric. Recently, many countries have tried to protect various cultures especially through the film industry. As expected, this has drawn varied reactions with some criticising this move while others in support of the same. This paper will analyse if movies are just like any other goods. Furthermore, it will dig out the various ways countries ought to shield respective film industries.The critics of the cultural protectionism often argue that movies are like any other commodity hence, there is no point to emphasize on the same. According to Sanson (2014), movies are just used as a form of entertainment just like other commodities that are bought by people from different countries. Baughn and Buchanan (2011) made an argument that cultural protectionism especially in the movies is unrealistic. To solidify the argument, a case of France was cited where the government tried to reduce the importation of movies but the local consumers still failed to buy the local content. As a result, it is argued that cultural protectionism is unrelated to movies.Often, in order to ensure cultural protectionism is done, governments employ the tactic of high tax for imported movies. Additionally, local film industry is funded in a bid to enable it produce more of the content the government would prefer. It is here that critics argue that this step does not guarantee protectionism because the industry would then be subjected to manipulation (Heinemann, 2012). Instead of using movies as a way of cultural protectionism, the government is urged to employ other methods. In short, these critics are arguing that the film industry has nothing to do with the issue of culture.Notwithstanding these assertions and examples provided by the critics, the proponents

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