Curriculum review schedule

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Write a 5 page essay on Curriculum Review Schedule.The schedule therefore provides a timeline as outlined in the review cycle of how the same will be implemented. The schedule thus goes a long way to ensuring that whatever was planned for is surely implemented.There are different ways through which one may develop the schedule and the interpretation is equally important. The developers of the schedule thus need to ensure that the implementers will be able to understand the schedule and follow it easily (Boarman & Kirkpatrick, 1995). To show following differences the following schedules are usedThe first important aspect of the schedule is the time aspect. The time provided for each phase must be. edequate to carry all the activities of the phase, fully observed as there is no extra time allowance and must tally with the allocated time in the review cycle. While carrying out the research, each phase is allocated specific period of time in the various schedules. However, that of the Naperville Community Unit School District 203, the time allowance is too general without specific time limits. This makes it hard to follow on as the time frame is not specified.A look at the Stillwater Area Public Schools schedule shows some differences in the way it is arranged. The various units that are taught within the schools are run at different stages for different course units. For example a look at the 2011-2012, there will a course such as Social Studies which will be in the first stage that is Study, Audit and Alignment while another course such as Math will already be at the implementation and monitoring stages. This shows that the curriculum review needs not to be carried out in the similar phases for all the courses.Another notable difference with the Stillwater Area Public Schools schedule that is different from the other two is on the determination of the various activities that need to be carried out in each stage. While the activities may be outline in the cycle well, the outlay of the various

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