Cyber Law Research paper

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Question:- 1. Using a Microsoft Word document, please post a 500-word summary of the results of your research paper Cyber Law Research paper Topic 1. Digital piracy and Security 2. Laws against cyber crime 3. The main causes of Cyber crimes 4. Bio metrics and Cyber Security 5. Digital piracy and Security 6. Social networks and Digital Security 7. Choose your own related Cyber law or Cyber Crime related topic

2.Using Same Summary topic and New Microsoft Word document, please post a 1000-word In detail summary of the results of your research paper (Different Word Document-Not in same Summary document)

3. The minimum word count shall be not less than 1500 words.

Summary Word Document – 500 Word

Detail Research Word Document-1000 Word

Required:-1. Please accurately writes Initial response addresses question presented.

2. Need at least two Cited reference

APA Format

Requirement :-

1:-Running head (title should be left aligned).

2:-Begin the body of the paper at the top margin (1″).

3:-Begin the body of the paper at the left margin (1″). Headings (questions) are to remain at the left margin (not be indented). All body paragraphs should have a first line indent of one half inch.

4:-Don’t insert blank lines between body paragraphs. This defeats the purpose of removing the extra spacing after all body paragraphs.

5:-The reference page should begin at the top margin (1″).

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