Cybersecurity issues

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

InstructionsHandbookYou have just been hired as the new information systems security officer for your company, and you have been asked by your superiors to create a handbook for your department to address some cybersecurity issues the company has been experiencing. In this handbook, you will include the following information:a glossary in which the following terms are defined: perimeter, network, host, application, and data defenses (Please feel free to utilize Kissel’s glossary of terms from your suggested reading as a starting point to creating your own definitions of these terms.);a description of the various types of malware and cybercrime your department personnel may encounter and how perimeters, networks, hosts, applications, and data defenses could be affected; anda description of the various methods hackers can use to break into the company’s computer systems and how these methods could affect perimeters, networks, hosts, applications, and data defenses. This handbook should be 3 page minimum. Please ensure that all sources used are properly cited and referenced using APA formatting.

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