Darden’s Global Supply Chains

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Darden’s Global Supply Chains.Furthermore, the livelihoods of millions of individuals all over the globe are determined by facilitating the provision and production of services and goods bought by the company. Recently, some of Darden¬ís primary fields of emphasis has been to manage and understand supply chain sustainability well and know how they can impact a positive transformation. Shi and Liao, (2013) state that the company has also recognized prospects for and frequently engages its suppliers on a variety of sustainability problems. From the labour and human rights to seafood and animal welfare sustainability. Their approach is based on building a longstanding, mutually beneficial affiliation with their suppliers and also work with them cooperatively and constructively in order to increase their sustainability enactment when required. By being involved with suppliers to reduce the volume of packaging, the company decreases the fuel amount required to transport goods while decreasing the waste packaging that can be produced downstream.Darden has four different supply chains. To start with, we have Small ware, this is a term in the restaurant industry for things like silverware, kitchenware and tableware, linens and dishes. According to Flint, (2004), the benefit of small ware is that if reduces the price of shipping these minor items this is because all of them do come from a similar region in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, it aids to harmonize all their restaurants in an organized manner. Hence, providing them with small wares of the same quality. By everything being available in a single location, it becomes simple to manage, costs are lowered, and bookkeeping is easy. Therefore, the company can purchase inexpensive unpackaged quantities of products. The second supply chain is frozen and canned food products. The benefit of this supply chain is that it is cheap to operate with the eleven centres of distribution. Also, the distribution centres

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