Dark passages of scripture

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 5 pages paper on the dark passages of scripture as it applies to the divine will of god. There are even others who lose faith in the Bible. The justification of the truth and unity of the scripture is often accepted as true by the genuine believers of Christianity. However, the age-old interpretations of the passages are often not believed by modern believers. According to Psalm 37, “Blessed (are) those who dash Babylonian infants against rocks” (Ramage, 1). The true interpretation is that the author obviously does not indicate that killing human infants are acts to be blessed. The term “infant” symbolized nascent sins, i.e. evil thoughts or actions that are just born in the minds of men should be nipped at the bud so that they do not flourish to become full-fledged evil. However, such interpretation is just not enough to understand the beauty and essence of this passage that portrays the love of God. There is a vast difference in such interpretations when the Old Testament is compared with Christ’s new commandment of love (Ramage, 2).“The Dark Passages of the Bible” is a section of Verbum Domini that brings forward the passages of immoral messages and violence that were narrated in the Bible. The author encourages scholars to deal with these problems keeping in mind the origin of the passages that are connected to the original message of God. The Dark Passages in the Bible exhibits how God had taken up the mission to instruct mankind of His will, and how in spite of man’s resistance God has conveyed his divine revelation. The Dark Passages in the Old Testament are replete with immorality and violence as a result of which for the modern believers they are difficult to fathom and incomprehensible to interpret. Therefore Ramage has explained, “Biblical revelation is deeply rooted in history. God’s plan is manifested progressively and it is accomplished slowly, in successive stages and despite human resistance” (Ramage, 4).&nbsp.It was God’s decision to choose mankind among all living beings to provide them with his teachings and guide them in righteous ways.

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