Data for auto parts

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a The following data for Auto Parts, LLC provided. ORIGINAL DATA Revenue: $770,000 Invoices: 50,000 Units Sold: 100,000 Variable Costs: $300,000 Fixed Costs: $150,000 Interes in Visio from a listed set of business requirements.Read the following business requirements closely to determine the entities and relationships needed to fulfill the requirements. The nouns in the paragraph will tell you the entities that will be needed. The verbs in the paragraph will help you determine the relationships between the entities.Muscles Health Club Database Requirements The Muscles Health Club needs a database to keep track of its members, their personal trainers, and the fitness classes that they are taking.Employees can act as personal trainers for members. However, only certified employees can act as personal trainers. A member can work with only one personal trainer at a time.Members can take multiple fitness classes. Fitness classes are taught by employees who can teach multiple classes. Fitness classes are taught in one of the classrooms at one of Muscles Health Club’s several locations.Each fitness classroom is designed for a different type of class (e.g., spinning, aerobics, water aerobics, weight training, etc.). It is necessary to track what fitness classes are being held in each of the different Muscles Health Club locations.

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