Database System

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Developing a Database System. Developing a Database System for PC Store Introduction Inventory management system is closely associated with the sales order system. Specific information about sales of PC Store requires to be managed through designing a database. Database design will serve the company to keep the information of sales, customers, vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers. Implementation of computer-based inventory and sales management system has been increasing for last many years. Data sources for database designScanner data provides information about purchases done on the outlets. This data source does not cover the sales made through the catalogs or retailers. Retailers involved in the sale of PCs are also included for data source. Vendors are another source of data for designing of a database for PC Store. Sales reports kept in manual registers or files are the significant data source for PC Stores database design. Type of PCs being sold on outlets are either notebooks/laptops. Computer products are sold for check/cash or credit cards. Purchase of PCs from Dell as manufacturer is required to be managed. Replenishment of the inventory is managed when inventory is found to be low (Hill and Jones, 2012).Database DesignRegarding the audience of the inventory management system linked to sales order system include the staff of inventory management, order placement staff, invoicing department, sales management, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Requests made by sales department on specific forms are verified by the inventory management staff. Required numbers of items or parts are processed by the order placement staff. Sales’ department collects the customers’ requirements on a specific order forms. Managers manage the day to day activities and analyze the reports and head the meetings to solve the issues.In order to build the inventory management system, information about every product of PCs, customers on every outlet are required to be managed. Customers’ information contains the attributes of name, address, phone number, email, and past transactions. Company can rank its customers on previous purchases of company’s products (Kotler et al., 2009). Product as an entity of database includes information about product name, date of arrival of product, color or model, price, and manufacturer information. It becomes easier to search the information about a product from model, price range, or date.When all data sources have been identified then a developer starts designing the database. Customer, vendor, sales department, suppliers, manufacturers, product, employees. staff and manager are necessary tables. These tables have relations such as customer to sales department, employees to sales department, suppliers to product etc. Some of the constraints like primary key, foreign key and candidate key are also used for tables. After all tables are created, and relations established, then a developer requires the implementation of database for PC Store. Database design for PC Store can prove helpful for company’s management to approach the new customers and retain the existing customers through information saving in the database. Data stored on the database is used for tracking the customer information, business activities and inventory. On querying the data, utility provides the needed information. Database designed for keeping the information about sales, customers can help in perceiving the customers’ behavior and future decisions. ConclusionIn this short paper, data source for PC Store inventory and sales management system is identified. Example of storm database has been kept in consideration to develop the PC Store database system.ReferencesHill C., and Jones G. (2012). Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, Boulevard Mason, CENGAGE Learning.Kotler P., Keller L.K., Koshy A., and Jha M. (2009). Marketing Management: South Asian Perspective, 13/e (New Edition). New Delhi, Dorling Kindersley.

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