Dave grohls profile

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 500 words assignment on dave grohls profile. On the other hand, Foo Fighters have brought the current achievements to him and made him successful, and rich. This tension is brought to him because the legacy of the groundbreaking album in Nirvana still haunts him. He wouldn’t want to lose any of the two bands but besides this, he knows that Nirvana, even though it brought him on the top of the chart, did not affect his personal life positively. He says that even after several successes and even after 10 million albums, he still lived in the back room of his friend’s house (Yarm 623).The main questions which the profile leaves for the readers to ponder are first, how did a man, just a drummer, and had no intention of making money from music end up to be one of the wealthiest and biggest rock stars of the decade, who succeeds when the record industry is in crisis? He leaves the second question which is that what is it about Foo Fighters and Grohl that still booms when almost all the other bands of his generation have fallen by the wayside? Wilkinson asks the third question that how is a band like the Foo Fighters affected by the seismic shift in the record industry? These questions are raised by the profile for the readers to ponder.In the last paragraph, Wilkinson brings himself to the picture and talks about fortune-cookies which he spotted in Grohl’s fridge. He says that one read that ‘an interesting musical opportunity is in the near future.’ From this statement by Wilkinson, who had just had a talk with Grohl about the same, gives the readers an impression that Grohl’s successful career came as an interesting opportunity. It was kind of unnatural opportunity which is not experienced by many in the field. The second cookie showed that it was indeed a fortune which came to him just when he was prepared, and it was his lucky day.From the profile, I get that the musical career needs proper strategy and preparation. To be a good musician is one thing and to be successful is another. Grohl started as a very good musician and he was even able to change the rock star music but he was not successful (Yarm 624). This went on with the success of their band but little change in his personal life. A change of strategy put together with the gift brought him and the band the success they have. This came interestingly after a long hustle with life. It is also evident that proper management leads to success while poor management leads to failure. This can be seen on how Nirvana ends and how Foo Fighters, on the other hand, is able to succeed (James 74). A good relationship within the members of a band and a good working condition with no complaints makes a band stay together.

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