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Death and the Maiden

Compose a 1500 words essay on Death and the Maiden (how are the stylistic features in dialogues connected with the intentional effects of the author). One of the most striking sound effects in the play is the articulate use of conversational tones and sound effects to underscore the characters’ moods. In the play, Paulina, Roberto and Gerado interrupt one another during conversations and heated arguments. Strikingly, the author’s use of dashes as well as ellipses within the script shows interruptions in conversations. For instance, just as Gerardo picks up a conversation with Paulina, she interrupts him and he interrupts her too. The resulting conversation is one marred with aggressiveness and dissonance. In turn, the aggressiveness, dissonance, and intolerance depicted in the conversations is arguably a direct depiction of a greater Chilean society at that time. For instance, in act 1 scene 1,GERARDO (cont’d.): Is that…? What’re you doing there like that? Sorry I took this long to… I…. PAULINA (trying not to seem agitated): And who was that? GERARDO: It’s just that I… PAULINA: Who was it? GERARDO: …had an—no, don’t worry, it wasn’t anything serious. It’s just that the car—luckily a man stopped—just a flat tire. Paulina, I can’t see a thing without…. (Dorfman 2).Throughout the play, the author has significantly used sounds perhaps as a literature tool to enhance the theme of historical injustices. Coupled with the lighting effects from the moon and sound from wind, he is able to create a remote setting in which the play is founded. Indeed, in Act I, Scene 1, sound of the sea sets the stage by isolating the Escobar beach house, and the occupants thereof, with the rest of the world. The sound of the sea arguably represents hidden historical injustices. Similarly, it can be argued that the greater Chilean community had been experiencing injustices from past oppressive leadership regime. However, as the sound of an approaching car in act 1 scene

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