Debating multiculturalism

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Debating Multiculturalism.The concept of race can be defined as a group who perceive themselves and are perceived by people in the society as possessing distinctive hereditary traits. However, most people often confuse or intertwine race and ethnicity which can be defined as having cultural traits such as food preferences, customs, language and the religion. Racism is a coping mechanism of status. this is because it is human to make our reality more palatable by categorizing things. Hypothetically speaking, a simple thing as color of one’s skin can denote a person’s hierarchy position and can easily strike a conversation. Note am not justifying each and every one, but realize that ingrained within us in our culture and society has been presenting it since the day we were born. I believe that we always employ or make some sort of assumptions by just looking at a person it is human nature.On the other hand, gender is in simple terms is the state of being a male or a female. Broadly, we can say it is a range of characteristics pertaining to masculinity and femininity. Gender is a social construction: humans vary biologically in very different ways, the social effects on human being are real and most of all human beings are weak and can be subjected to extensive manipulation by other beings. It is observed that many life experiences are influenced by our social norms, expectations and roles. As we as all know everyone would like to be a form of a trendy world, this may only be under the influence of a social environment that put pressure on some. For example, a male should have a masculine body with a six pack this is just a norm and a cultural belief that people tend to believe and somehow it is not true. Gender involves the appearance of a person with certain physical characteristics.In every event, there must be pros and cons. race and gender have theirs too. Race differs from

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