Defining Racism

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Argumentative essay on Defining Racism. Needs to be 2 pages. have distinctiveness or skills specific to their own race, particularly to differentiate it as being superior or inferior from another race (Brown 10). The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a belief in the idea that race determines the traits of a person, as well as his capacities, and that difference in race produces inferiority or superiority of a racial group (Brown 10). By looking at these two definitions, believing that one race is dominant over the other race as far as appearance, abilities, and traits can be considered as racism. Racism affects society in a variety of ways. A research study in the US showed that almost all white Americans have some negative assumptions and stereotypes about African Americans, ethnic minorities, and other races that were defined as silent racism (Brown 15). This example shows that color acts as a vital determinant of the way in which people would socialize with other people. Three types of racism occur, with the first being racial discrimination. Racial discrimination involves dividing society into groups that are not all related to race than treating them according to it. This category of racism is the most common and is connected to stereotyping. Research by researchers from the University of Chicago and MIT conducted a study that found out that there was widespread discrimination against those applying for jobs with names that sounded black (Brown 16). Apparently, people in this category have less than fifty percent of a chance of being called to an interview. The research concluded that bias does exist in American society even without the people themselves realizing it. Institutional racism is yet another category of racism that can also be referred to as systematic, state, or structural racism. Educational institutions, religious groups, companies, and governments who possess the power to influence a wide swath of people to carry out this form of racial discrimination (Brown 16).

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