Delacroix in London

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Compose a 750 words essay on DELACROIX. In London, Delacroix studied various works of English painters who he greatly admired and inspired some of his later works (Villarreal par. 25). The trip to London brought Delacroix closer to mimicking the works and colorful style of Reuben’s paintings. Such influence of English paintings and artwork was evident in his later work in 1930, July 28: Liberty Leading the People. The painting Liberty Leading the people commemorated the recent French revolution as this canvas was a reflection of the artist’s change of style.Delacroix fascination for the work of English painters started early in his career pushing him to visit London. Various elements of artistic migration are evident in Eugene Delacroixs works especially after a visit to England. Most of Delacroixs works between 1820 and 1830 were greatly influenced by the English painting particularly after visiting London in 1825. Delacroix visited England accompanied by his artistic English friends Thales Fielding and Richard Parkes. Even early before 1830 and before the visit to England, Delacroix had great interest in English paintings especially the use of watercolors and oil techniques evident in English landscape paintings. The artist’s friendship with English friends greatly influenced the love and interest in English works. Delacroix’s works when during the time he was in England show great influence from the English painter, Sir Thomas Lawrence.Most of the artist’s works depend on his interpretation of the British portraits according to his understanding and personality. One of Delacroix’s most outstanding works during the period he was in London was the portrait of Louis-Auguste (Baron) Schwiter in 1826. The painting is similar to most English portraits from the time by trying to capture schwiters character as he is posing and standing in a park. Delacroix does not portray a relaxed attitude of Schwiter but chooses to emphasize on

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