Depression level and coping skills among Armenian

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Write 15 page essay on the topic 1080290 depression level and coping skills among Armenian immigrants The United States from Europe and Canada has steadily declined, while the influx of non-European immigrants, including Armenians, has dramatically increased (Pumariega et al., 2005).Despite these significant shifts, the field of psychology’s understanding of immigrant groups has remained stagnant (Silka, 2007). Specifically, a great deal of the research on the psychological well-being of immigrants and refugees has focused on deficiencies and pathology and largely ignored the construct of strength (Ryan et al., 2008). Additionally, the limited research that has been conducted has largely examined the experiences of South and Central American and Asian immigrants. a paucity of literature exists on the mental health of Armenian immigrants. In keeping with the field’s current shift towards examining the optimal conditions and characteristics that promote well-being in people and communities, this research endeavor gives voice to the strengths and virtues that Armenian immigrants possess, which enable them to thrive in the face of adversity.The physical health and mental health trajectories of immigrants, before and after their migration to the United States, continues to be discussed by scholars due to the continuous entry of different racial and ethnic immigrant groups. Among these studies, those conducted on Armenians immigrants in the U.S. have stood out because their health outcomes appear to be low compared to various ethnic/racial backgrounds, and because of Armenians’ low-levels of socioeconomic status and their racial/ethnic “minority” status.Armenians are spread all over the world and have Diaspora (Diaspora-population living outside of its native country) in about every country. The United States has one of the largest Diaspora of Armenians, who has resettled here mostly after the Genocide of Armenians committed in 1915, when millions of Armenians were forced to leave their motherland. Many survivors found their second home in the United

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