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Describe a picture

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Describe a picture.Another technique employed in creating space is the application of size variance. This is ideally seen in the attributes seen in the sky. The size of the figures decrease as they recede further into the background. This gives the prominent airplane scene a dominant position in the picture as it is relatively bigger in comparison to the figures surrounding it. The use of size in creating space allows the picture develop a sense of atmospheric perspective particularly in an image that lacks much variables in colouring shades.The spaces in the figure overlap systematically creating a sense of unity in the picture. The foreground buildings are seen to overlap with the middle ground grass. They hide the grass surface immediately behind them. This creates the illusion that the buildings are prominently featured in the foreground. The middle ground overlaps with the background. Human figures placed in the middle ground are seen to overlap with the background horizon. Despite a minimal use of size variance and overlapping objects, there is still an element of depth, space and perspective created in the diagram.The picture shows aspects of realism in a highly fantastical composition. The varying application of perspective and proportions applied in the image challenges realism. However, the imagery created is borrowed from real objects created an intertwined relationship between realism and imagery. Aspects of realism in the plane involve the use of realistic figures in the composition. These aspects are recognizable at face value. In analysing the picture, an individual immediately notices human figures, buildings, a landscape and even a plane. These objects are highly realistic.However, the artist’s creation of the objects is highly fantastical. The human figures are executed in a 2 dimensional style. The lack of tonal variation on the figures give then a whimsical look common in cartoon figures. Moreover, the lack of ideal

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