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Describe why you would like to study in the US

Essay on Please describe why you would like to study in the US. What past experiences have given you this motivation How will studying on the Global UGRAD program help you learn about America How will learning about the U.S. influence your personal and professio. Paper must be at least 500 words. e of teaching is designed to prepare the person that is going through it adequately for what they will get to experience once they are out of school and are in the job market (Andrade, Evans & American Council on Education, 2009).Though I have never been in the United States, I have an idea of how the universities have a strong reputation in the courses that they offer and I have heard a lot of positive comments from people that have had the opportunity to go there and see firsthand what they have to offer.These schools have a strong support system for the international students and the quality of education that they offer and the cooperation programs that are available that enable the students to alternate semesters attending schools so that they can be able to get an experience is amazing. The overall support of the schools is wonderful and it serves to encourage the students to study better and harder.The academic reputations that the schools in the United States have also serve as a motivating factor for me to want to go there since they are what attract most of the international students that go to the United States. The universities in the United States have support programs that are significant and are aimed at retaining the international students such as myself once they are enrolled to the school.The quality of education is very desirable and makes the students to be able to think and look at issues more critically while making sure that they get the chance to actively participate in the learning process unlike what happens in other places where they mainly stress on lectures to very many students at a particular time.From what is heard about universities in the United States from the people that have had the chance to be there and to study there, the best experience is education is found there and the alumni of these institutions continue to speak highly of them. There are a variety of academic programs that are offered in the institutions in the

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