Design a cascaded amplifier

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

Design a cascaded amplifier using op-amps and comprising two stages. The first stage is to be a non-inverting amplifier of gain ” 3 ” and the second stage an inverting amplifier of gain of ” -2 “. The resistance R1 of both the first and second stage is to be 2 k?. Include a 1 k? load resistor at the output of the amplifier. The power supply for the amplifier circuit is ±15 V.  A1. Calculate the magnitudes of the feedback resistors for each stage.  A2. Determine the magnitude of the input signal that can be applied to the amplifier and result in linear amplification (i.e. the amplifier does not saturate). This will guide you in the intra laboratory exercise.  A3. Draw the resulting amplifier circuit.

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