Designing and managing

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It is important for people to get a clear difference between learning organization and organizational learning. Peter Senge was behind the popular spreading of learning organization. The definition of learning organization is inclusive of various issues among them an ideal learning environment as well as a perfect tune with the goals of the organization. In such an organization, employees increasingly expand their abilities to get results desired by the organization (Hughes & Tight 2011, p. 21). In the institution, the environment allows generation of new ideas, expansion, and development of the same. It allows the collective aspirations to grow as people continue to learning wholesome.

A learning Organization relies on the mastery of five measurements. First, systems thinking come out at the top of dimensions. The idea of handling an organization as a complex system constituting smaller systems also complex in nature defines the systems thinking. It requires comprehension of all components different from the manner in which a health physician understands the body of a human being (Edmondson 1999, p. 56). Important elements in this respect include recognition of complexity within an organization besides having long-term targets. According to Senge, organizations should apply system maps displaying the connections within the system (Finger 2009, p. 93). Personal mastery is the second dimension defined by Senge Peter. It entails a process where an employee puts in effort to facilitate focus and energy in addition to being in constant state of gaining knowledge (Cohen & Prusak 2001, p. 63).

The other aspect is the mental model. Assumptions ingrained deeply together with generalisations, pictures, and images that determine the way people comprehend the environment defines the third dimension (Gadamer 2009, p. 74). It is necessary to take note of the same and recognize the challenges to give……….

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