Desirable characteristics as color

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Dogs are inbred for such desirable characteristics as color; but an unfortunate by-product of such inbreeding can be the emergence of characteristics such as deafness. A 1992 study of bull terriers (by Strain and others, as reported in The Veterinary Journal) found the following:(i)50% of the studied bull terriers are white.(ii)11% of the studied bull terriers are deaf.(iii)20%of the white bull terriers are deaf.What is the probability that a randomly chosen bull terrier is white and deaf? a. .11 / .50 = .22 b. .20 / .50 = .4 c. .11 / .20 = .55 d. .50 * .11 = .055 e. .50 * .20 = .1 f. .11 * .20 = .022

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