Detecting Bias

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Write 2 page essay on the topic Detecting Bias.en by Catherine Porter and titled as “Lessons of the Montreal Massacre: Why women must fight to be what they want” for bias and the level of bias presented in her publication.The title is the first element of an article that attracts the reader and motivates him to read or believe that which way the article is inclined towards.The title of this article clearly indicates that it is in favor of women who are biased or facing difficulties in being what they want. However, the article title leaves the reader thinking about the main theme and hence promotes the reading process. Porter uses words which show her own involvement in the issue. She uses the words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ to convey the message of togetherness and mutuality of opinions. Porter uses certain words which clearly state her biased views and even expose her targeted audience through this article. For instance she writes “If you are one of those young women…” which clearly indicate that this article is written with a perspective to persuade women readers on her perspective.She uses a persuasive tone to attract the readers and accept her claims. She states “If you are one of those young women who says you arent a feminist, you havent heard this story.” This claim, on one hand, challenges the thoughts of women who say they are not feminist and emphasizes on the importance of her stated story on the other. The facts exposed in this article are of course of immense importance. Like the reference to particular incidents and facts help in developing her claim. For instance the reference to the incident which she adds in her article as “In 20 minutes, he shot or stabbed 27 people, mostly women, before shooting himself. Fourteen of his victims died.” This claim does not only put the women at a disadvantageous position because of discrimination or bias from the opposite gender but also explains the level of discrimination and bias by stating that “All of them were women”. Her

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