Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Application: Developing a Health Advocacy Campaign (continued): Ethical Considerations on childhood obesity.To complete the final section of your paper:Review provisions 7, 8, and 9 of the ANA Code of Ethics in relation to advocacy for population health.Reflect on the ethical considerations you may need to take into account in your advocacy campaign.Research the ethical considerations and lobbying laws relevant to the location where your advocacy campaign will occur.Consider potential ethical dilemmas you might face in your campaign.To complete: Revise and combine Part one (week 4 application) and Part Two (week 7 application) with Part Three below.Explain any ethical dilemmas that could arise during your advocacy campaign, and how you would resolve them.Describe the ethics and lobbying laws that are applicable to your advocacy campaign.Evaluate the special ethical challenges that are unique to the population you are addressing.Provide a cohesive summary for your paper.This is nursing paper assignmentRunning head: CHILDREN OBESITY1 Children obesityNameInstitution? CHILDREN OBESITY2 CHILDREN OBESITY3Children obesityPopulation Health Issue and Population AffectedObesity is a chronic…

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