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Developmental stage

Submit a 750 words paper on the topic Developmental stage. Her husband, Kwabena, is 5ft, 8inches tall and weighs about 148 pounds because he likes to exercise to keep fit unlike Christiana who is not so much into exercises. Christiana always argues that she gets enough at work. They two have been married for about 30 yrs and both originate from Ghana in West Africa. Therefore, they have the same cultural experiences. This paper will discuss the various developmental stages that a child born between Christiana and Kwabena may go through. Essay One Christiana and Kwabena speak the same language, eat spicy foods and are Christians. However, Christiana is more of an introvert, that is, a laid back person, she is hardly seen among groups of people and is always indoors (Baron, 2010). She does not like to call people, but when any of us calls her, she takes her time and hardly wants to get off the phone. Looking at her social life, she only has a few friends that I have seen her communicate with. On this, she says that she prefers associating and confiding in only one person, that is her best friend. I must say she has never fallen prey to the law. Christiana is one person who is always keen on doing what is right. One can also say she has a type B personality, because no matter what the husband and the children put her through, she does not get irritated or angry. She is not competitive or aggressive towards things. she is always tolerable and flexible to some of the things her husband does. I suppose she has adapted to her husband’s behaviour and way of doing things. One thing l admire about her is the way she is organized and rationale. She is never hasty in making her decisions, and always ready to help when a friend or family member is in need. Christiana has a history of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease in her family, and she herself is hypertensive, though she is on treatment (Baron, 2010). During her pregnancy, her husband told her to stay home and take care of her pregnancy. she was 24years old at that time. She said that since she was not exercising, she tried eating well, so that she and the baby could stay healthy. Her diet included more of fresh fruits and vegetable, she also ate a lot of grains and other foods that were rich in fibre to avoid getting constipated. Generally, she tried getting balanced meals that entailed all the three classes of food, which are proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. During her pregnancy, she was also regular with the pre-natal visits to the doctor so that her development together with that of the baby could be monitored. In addition to this, she also kept away from alcohol bearing in mind that alcohol is not good for the development of the baby. However, one unique thing that Christiana had during her pregnancy was the fact that she craved for hot spicy foods. Therefore, all the time she cooked, she always added more hot pepper than was necessary, this she argued was just one of the cravings that usually come with pregnancy. She tried to maintain the required weight that was recommended by the doctor. When the child was born, it went through different and unique developmental stages as influenced by its parents. The only problem that she experienced during her pregnancy was a bit of morning sickness. This was exhibited by nausea and vomiting that was frequent during her first trimester.

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