Difference between trafficking and smuggling

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 16 page APA formatted essay: What is the difference between trafficking and smuggling.Human smuggling involves bringing illegal aliens into a country, in addition to the illegal transportation and harboring of foreigners already in that country. On the other hand, human trafficking centers much on exploitation and is in most instances defined as sex trafficking whereby a commercial sex action gets stimulated by coercion, fraud or force or in which an individual forced to do such an action is a minor. It can also have the definition as the recruitment, transportation, harboring, obtaining and provision of an individualÂ’s labor via coercion, fraud or force for the intention of subjection to forced servitude, debt bondage, slavery or peonage1.Generally, human trafficking and smuggling has become one of the greatest global problems and is considered to be among the worldÂ’s most degrading and shameful crimes, that impacts on the lives of several individuals around the globe and robbing such individuals their dignity. The traffickers and smugglers deceive women, children and even men from all sections of the globe and coerce or force them into daily exploitative situations. Globally, trafficking is considered much worse than smuggling and the most identifiable type of human trafficking is trafficking that intends to put a victim into sexual exploitation. Most people, however, do not know that this crime takes place with the intention of child begging, forced labor, removal of body organs, and domestic servitude2.In 2005, the ILO estimates indicated that, worldwide, there exist about 2.4 million human smuggling and trafficking victims at any given instance. A recent research study on the overall trends of forced labor however would propose that the extent of the crisis is much greater. In Asia, for instance, more than 140,000 victims are forced into violent and humiliating conditions because of sexual exploitation. Additionally, one out of seven of the prostitutes in the region most probably ended up forced

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