Differnt net forces

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

1. Two balls of the same mass are aceelerated by differnt net forces such that one ball gains a velocity twice hat of the other ball in the process. Is the work done by theney force acting on the faster-moving ball twice that done on the slower-moving ball? Explain.2. A rope applies a horizontal force of 180 N to pull a crate a distance of 2 m across the floor. A frictional force of 60 N opposes this motion.A. What is the work done by the force applied by the rope?B. What is the work done by the frictional force?C. What is the total work done on the crate?3. A box with a mass of 5.0kg is lifted (without acceleration) through a height of 2.0m, in order to place it upon the shelf of a closet.A. What is the increase in potential energy of the box?B. How much work was required to lift the box to this position?

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