Disciplinary requirements

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Assignment Details There are multiple disciplinary requirements within the construct of an organization. It is incumbent upon the human resource department to ensure that policies and procedures exist that cover all factors associated with this topic. It is also likely that an organization will cover some of its disciplinary requirements within the context of a code of conduct.

Legal requirements such as those imposed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should additionally be covered with the context of these policies and procedures ensuring that discrimination does not occur. Training on these policies, procedures, and codes of conduct must be conducted to provide evidence that all employees have received and understand the information provided to them. This discussion has three parts, as follows:

It is important that all organizational employees receive training on the disciplinary procedures in their organization. Think about your own experience.

Have you ever received a disciplinary notice where you have worked?

What was your reaction?

If you have not, how do you think an employee would react to one?

In your response, provide a minimum of 3 examples of disciplinary notices or actions that an employee could receive.  

In the event that an employee disagrees with a disciplinary notice or action, what steps can the employee take? Provide a detailed discussion on this.

If you received a disciplinary action or notice that you did not agree with and then decided to write a rebuttal, how would you write this document?  

It is critical that organizations develop policies and procedures to ensure that they meet the requirements of the law.

Can you describe, in detail, the requirements of one law that enforces antidiscrimination policies?

Have you or anyone that you have known been a victim of discrimination in the workplace?

What steps were taken?

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