Divisions/denominations in Christian religion

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

My thoughts on why there are so many divisions/denominations in Christian religion: One would be that their are different ways the denominations interpret the Bible people understand things differently and people also teach things differently. The second would be acceptibility and what they are willing to believe in the bible. I have seen people leave churches and start their own because of this reason, and so that it is not like the church they got offended by they change it to be different. The the last would be is it comfortable their are churches that you can go to and drink coffee while a preacher is preaching you can wear what you want not a whole lot of restriction on certain things.The term (Synoptic Gospels) is referencing the books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke and how they all see to cover a lot of the same topics almost seeming to be the same but told somewhat differently. It is important for Chrisitian’s to know that they are reading a different book and different perspective as it pertains to the life and mission of Jesus Christ. Fisher, 2014, pp. 304RUNNING HEAD: Bible 1 BibleAuthor’s Name:Course Name:Instructor’s Name:Date:Denominations in Christian religion and the BibleIdeally, every devotee would obediently concentrate on the…

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