Do Student-Athletes in College

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 10 page essay on the topic Do Student-Athletes in College Look At Their Coaches As Parent Figure.As the paper discusses with many of research studies in the theme of relationship between a coach and the athletic students in schools focusing on the leadership attributes and the moral and ethical relations, few studies have focused on the acceptable mode of handling the athletes by the coaches. With such perceptions as have been shown to hold in people’s views concerning the way that coach-student relationship should be, there lacks a standard tool on which the interactions and attitudes towards each other should be understood. There exists a gap in literature on whether students perceive their coaches as parent figures or not and what would be the factors that influence such perceptions. The lack of such literature from past studies and related academic materials shows the necessity to have a structured study into the theme in order to shape future studies and understanding of the theme. This study is aimed at establishing a qualitative justification through research study on whether the athletic students in colleges perceive their coaches as parents or not. This study is aimed at establishing whether student-athletes perceive their coaches as parents or otherwise through a qualitative analysis of the opinions by the athletes.The study is also focused on bridging the gap that currently exists between the literatures on student coach perceptions especially in the athletics and contribute towards shaping future research studies in the theme.

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