Double-sidedness of Advice on Position of Parents

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Argumentative essay on Double-sidedness of Advice on Position of Parents. Needs to be 2 pages. (.Mihaly & Rathunde. p28). The older people thwart the dreams of children by becoming very rigid in the decisions they impose on them.People can see through this story that advice and suggestion from the perspective of adults can kill diverse dreams before young people try. It does not mean all advice and opinion influence negative effects because they have already experienced about what they said, and it could be a useful guideline to live. However, these kinds of adults’ thought and behaviors can make children and young people just follow the safe instruction. This statement means that there is no adventure as the owner of the independent life. I think if all people stuck with their dreams, people and society would be getting hard. Korea’s job crisis can be an example. Korea is a unique country that achieved rapid development in a short period from developing to a developed country. Previous generation lived this result fiercely while they have stood against lots of changes like World War and done the hard job like dirty, dangerous, and difficult job called 3D job. The parents who went through these hard times did not want their children to experience what they had already experienced. They would encourage their children to work hard in studies as scarifying themselves without spending money for them since they believed the way to escape difficult situation is getting white-collar jobs. Such jobs were very lucrative by that time.This thought and efforts of the previous generation altered society’s perception of a job, so the job crisis that cause most young people in Korea try only to get into the white-collar job has happened. Moreover, many Koreans nowadays want to work at similar field such as management department and enter large corporations. They do such without considering which department is more valuable for them and makes them more attractive, which worsens the job crisis.

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