Dream speech by martin luther king jr

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Compose a 500 words assignment on a rhetorical analysis of i have a dream speech by martin luther king jr. He presented a perfect blend of allusions, repetition, and metaphors that negotiated for the push for equality in America. It acted as a restart button for America to see the equality in each one.The immense experience in public speaking saw Martin Lurther King Jr. choose the route of an emotional reach. The tone would evoke emotions to the crowd instead of a political rant. He was able to reach the core of patriotism by alluding to the self-revelation of equality in men for happiness, liberty, and life. America is an embodiment of freedom while symbolizing a new beginning in life. The American Dream was the epitome for all Americans in their quest for justice, liberty, and freedom.However, the realities painted a different picture for African Americans in their pursuit of happiness and the American Dream. The s was a reminder of the cornerstones that built this great nation. He was able to stress the importance of each one receiving their human rights. Despite the color of a person, underneath all, we are all the same. The representation of all the different races as humans, he was able to paint a picture of a vision for equality.The use of metaphors is evident in drawing a close relationship for the need for equality for all races. The use of metaphor applies to the relation of the civil rights of African Americans as a bad check, which bounces with insufficient funds. The situation blinds the people that the people in control of ensuring civil rights for all are blind. He agrees that America is where people come to search for opportunities in life.However, he agrees with the fact that people of color are subject to unjust laws. He refuses to be part of the system put in place by people who do not understand the pain of being undermined because of your skin color. Despite the gloom, he believes that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He envisions an America where every person is treated equally regardless of their race. The entire addressing by Martin Jr. is a call to action for people who see the unjust system in place. It is, therefore, up to the people to transform the system. With the unjust laws present in America, the speech acts as a motivation for Americans to show their freedom.The wordplay shows instances of repetition of certain phrases such as the iconic ‘I have a dream,’ and others. The speech by King is delivered with the use of bold statements while using repetition. Each instance of repetition builds upon the other while emphasizing it through the totality of the speech. You can feel the passion for the words by King as he flows ideas and patterns to evoke emotions from people. Kings addressing ends in a crescendo, which builds up slowly.If you want to see the change in the world, start by being the change first. Change in the world is not brought about by sitting around and wishing for one. It starts by people stepping up and airing their ideas and through. It involves taking on open discussions on topics that are affecting the current society.The actions of everybody advocating for change forms the entire basis for King in his memorable speech. There was no fear in the eyes of Martin Kings as he pushed for change in the ways he saw in America. Kings actions were to motivate others to step up and speak. The actions and words of Martin King Jr. were able to inspire a nation that marking a turn in the history of the nation. Long after King’s demise, his words still have a grave meaning in the current society. A rhetorical analysis of I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr. shows that the message for equality continues to live on through people.

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