Drop-down menus

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Use the drop-down menus to match each part of the scenario to the correct scientific practice.Akira records the speed of a reaction, first without a catalyst, and then with a catalyst.asking a questionperforming an investigation collecting dataproviding explanationscommunicating resultsAkira creates a reaction without a catalyst, then repeats the reaction with a catalyst.asking a questionperforming an investigationcollecting dataproviding explanationsX communicating resultsAkira turns in a written lab report to his science teacher.X asking a questionperforming an investigationcollecting dataproviding explanationscommunicating resultsAkira wonders, “Will adding a catalyst speed up this chemical reaction?”asking a questionperforming an investigationcollecting dataX providing explanationscommunicating resultsAkira writes in his notes that adding a catalyst sped up the chemical reaction because the catalyst lowered the activation energy needed to start the reaction.asking a questionX performing an investigationcollecting dataproviding explanationscommunicating results

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